About Us

Community Solar Inc. is a multicultural company that embraces all ethnicities and religions. We stand with the “Black Lives Matter Movement”

Community Solar Inc. was established in 2013. Our beginnings focused on Solar photovoltaic technologies but soon encompassed all facets of general construction. We have attracted the talents of many subcontractors that added themselves to our ranks to create divisions which specialize in a specific trade within our company. Such divisions include:

Solar Division

C46 & C10 electricians specialize in photovoltaic technology and main electrical panel upgrades.

Solaria 390 Watt Black on Black is offered as a premium upgrade option as seen above.

Roofing Division

With our B General licensed coupled with our extensive list of licensed C39 subcontractors, our roofing division completed high efficiency roofs in record times with complete customer satisfaction.

Composition asphalt Crew tear off to existing sheathing. New underlayment along with shingles are added.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Division

We prefer to use all American products in all our projects. Our preferred HVAC manufacturer is American Standard. Our typical overhaul of an existing HVAC system includes all new R6 insulated ducts (R8 can be an upgraded option when applicable), all new returns, gas lines, electrical to main panel, furnace with a minimum 80% efficiency or higher, smart thermostat, and an outdoor condensing unit that is at least 16 SEER efficiency or higher.

Complete removal and installation of a new HVAC unit in the attic.

Light Construction Division

This division consist of our framers, glazers, and finishers. This division ranges from window installation to bathroom & kitchen remodeling

We partnered up with our custom window and door manufacturing plant in Mira Loma, CA to bring you a wide range of custom styles and options for an extremely affordable price.

Heavy Construction Division

Heavy construction generally refers to Additional Dwelling Units (ADU), Room additions & add-ons, and any kind of “new construction”.

New construction jobs take a long time from start to finish. About a month for engineering, a month for permitting, and this job took 2 months. Thank you to the installers at BluePrint Builders on this one.

Plumbing Division

Our plumbing division is made up of our workers in the B general field as well as our C36 plumbing tradesmen. Upgrading your archaic clay main line and replacing all of your aging homes galvanized pipes should be your main priority if you are currently living in your forever home. Modern homes are now equipped with PEX plumbing lines.

Upgrade from an old boiler to a tankless water heater.

Hardscape & Landscaping Division

Making the lawn and surrounding areas of your home is crucial. The exterior is the first thing a person sees and is what the neighborhood generally judges you by before they get to know you. Switching to synthetic grass and adding pavers will not only save water resources but money as well. Going green is a great look for all homes in California.

Combination of pavers and synthetic turf with a mini retaining wall in the backyard. Completely transforms the entire recreation area.