We would like to separate our services into two separate categories; Energy efficiency upgrades and Renovations.

Energy Efficiency

All our energy conservation upgrades focus on lowering your energy consumption and modernizing your home to title 24 compliment codes. Bringing your home to 2020 standards means replacing the basic technology in your home to the cutting edge in efficiency. We are always updating our selections for clients when the newest models and innovations become readily available. If we do not carry a certain item, it is most likely because we do not approve of their warranty response times. We want the newest items, but only if they’re reliable.


We care about the aesthetics of your home just as much as saying the environment and your bill. Only offering Black on Black modules with integrated Electric Vehicle Car Chargers will boost your home into the future.

Tankless Water Heaters

Having the luxury of endless hot water is the prime benefit of going tankless today. Coupled with a circulation pump, you can have heated water at the ready.


The two main types of attic insulation in California is fiberglass and cellulose. Fiber glass works against heat and will last for 100 years while cellulose works against both heat and cold but only lasts 30 years.

Windows & Doors

Switching sliding doors to French doors. Upgrading to triple pane with Low-E 3 glass will make your home elegant and efficient. Custom colors are also available.


Variable speed systems provide the ultimate in comfort and energy savings. Instead of cycling on and off at full capacity like conventional systems, AccuComfort systems run at the lowest speed needed for the current weather conditions, helping homeowners save energy and money.


Cool roofing exterior materials consist of heat resistant title 24 compliant products. We partnered up with the industry leading manufacturers such as GAF, Owens Corning, and Eagle Roofing for tiles. We have hundreds of colors and styles to choose from.

Renovations & Remodeling

Remodeling refers to all our custom work that can make your dream home or office. This includes kitchen & bathroom remodels and/or extensions as well as pools, additional dwelling units (ADU), room additions, and masonry. All our techniques are “tried & true” with years of experience and expertise going into making your project the envy of all your acquaintances.


Overhaul your old and out dated kitchen to a larger modern style. Knock down walls and add islands with plumbing.


Add full baths with tubs and showers. Walk in closets attached to bathrooms are a modern transition. Separate toilet areas are a crucial modernization.

Room Additions

Expand your standard of living with more square footage. With our dream of knowledgeable architects, we will draw your dreams and make them a reality.

Additional Dwelling Unit (AUD)

Completely remodel your old garage into a studio apartment. There will be no remnant of your oiled stained garage.

Decks & Patios

Construct a custom patio balcony. Decks can be made of either wood, cement, or pavers. Custom staircases for ease of access.

Hardscapes & Landscapes

Pavers allow drainage to occur but can be substituted for stamped concrete to save money. Synthetic grass is also an energy efficient way to upgrade your home.

Honest Reviews

The triple pane windows these guys installed are phenomenal. Not only did the heat get reduced, but so did the noise!

Wayne M. – La Verne, CA

I got my whole house redone by Community Solar. Now this 108 year old house has a new roof, solar panels, EV car charger, double pane windows, and fresh paint. Thank you!

Cassandra J. – Los Angeles